5 Reasons Premium Coasters Make the Perfect Promotional Gift

  • Aug 21, 2018

Coasters with your logo on them are a brilliant promotional gift.  Everyone needs them.  At home, at work... We all want to avoid those drink rings on every surface!

When you or your client gives away branded coasters, they are making a smart investment, whether they get used in the office, or in the den at home. Every time someone takes a sip and lifts the drink off the coaster, they'll have to look at it again to set their coveted beverage back down to actually make sure it lands on the coaster! This guarantees you impression after impression!

When choosing a coaster, and decoration techniques to add your logo, consider black coasters with a deboss logo that is pressed into the leather material. This style of coaster with premium accent stitching gives you a high perceived value, and a classic look that people will want to continue to use!

Coasters are also great giveaway items for restaurant and bar grand opening events, new beverage launches, VIP cocktail parties. They make a great employee gift too that serve two purposes!  It helps protect the furniture and provides repeated brand exposure with continue use.

Premium Promotional CoasterHere are 5 reasons you should consider coasters for your next promotional gift:

  • High perceived value. With premium simulated leather or bonded leather material, you get a beautiful high-end coaster at a fraction of the cost.
  • Useful anywhere. Coasters can be used at home, or in the office. Offering a versatile like this means they'll actually use it.
  • Long term brand exposure. They'll see your logo or branding every time they pick up and set down their favorite beverage.
  • Long lasting. Premium coasters with a deboss logo won't wear out and they never go out of style.
  • Protects surfaces. People will feel good about using coasters that actually protect their desk surface, end table, conference room table or any other surface.


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