Corporate Responsibility

Graphik Social Compliance Statement

Graphik Business Accessories (Graphik) is committed to conducting all of our business with social responsibility, integrity, and in a manner consistent with all legal requirements and ethical standards in each of the countries where we conduct business.

Graphik is also committed to protecting the safety and health of our employees, our vendors, and our customers.  We strive to protect the environment as well.  Graphik understands that by creating a culture of principles based on a sound code of conduct, environmental and health and safety management practices, we can offer safe products in a responsible and secure working environment.


Graphik seeks strict compliance with the Code of Conduct from all of our vendors, contractors, subcontractors and any other associated suppliers or production facilities.


Child Labor

• Each employee must be at least 16 years old.

• All vendors must maintain official documentation that verifies the employee’s date of birth and date of employment, and this record is available to Graphik


Environmental Safety

• We encourage and expect our vendors and their associated suppliers to share our commitment to a safe and healthy environment

• We expect our vendors to abide by all applicable environmental laws and regulations.  Our goal is to minimize any adverse impact on the environment


Fair and Equal Treatment

• Work environments must be free of intolerance, harassment, abuse, retribution for grievances, and corporal punishment.  We will not tolerate discrimination in hiring and employment practices on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, national origin or religious affiliation


Forced Labor

• The use of prison or forced labor for the manufacture of our products is strictly prohibited.  We will not tolerate the use of any forms of physical or mental coercion.  This extends to all other third party suppliers or subcontractors in the supply chain


Health and Safety

• The workplace must be safe and healthy based on the recognized international standards and local laws

• The factory and worker’s station must be well lighted and ventilated

• There are sufficient operational and inspected fire extinguishers, and there are designated people trained to operate these

• There are functioning fire alarms

• There are clearly marked exits that are unlocked during the working hours, sufficient to evacuate the factory quickly in an emergency and at least two exits on each floor

• Doors, aisles, exits, stairwells are to be kept clear and accessible for easy evacuation

• There are no open electric switches, and unprotected wiring.  All wiring is to code

• All factories provide workers with clean cool drinking water in each work area or floor

• All factories provide a well-stocked first aid kit in each area or on each floor, with someone in each area trained to administer basic first-aid

• All factories provide adequate clean and sanitary toilet facilities

• Where applicable, dormitories are adequate, clean and provide a secure environment


Legal Requirements

• Our vendors and their associated suppliers must comply with all applicable national, local or international laws and regulations relevant to the conduct of their business


Wages, Hours and Benefits

• Our vendors and their associated suppliers must comply with all applicable laws regulating wages, working hours, overtime and employee benefits for their particular regions

• Workers are to be paid at least the minimum wage or at least the local industry standard, whichever is greater

• For each pay period the factory provides the worker with a clear and understandable wage statement and Graphik can inspect this record.  All overtime work must be recorded and payment for this work clearly shown on the wage statement

• There cannot be conditional employment practices, such as training or apprenticeship wages, pre-employment fees, deposits or other practices that effectively lower an employee’s pay below the legal minimum wage

• Workers are entitled to at least one day off every week

Statement on California Proposition 65

The Safe Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, otherwise known as Proposition 65, was created through the ballot initiative process and was intended to protect CA citizens and the State’s drinking water from a State determined list of over 750 chemicals that to them are known by the State to cause cancer, reproductive harm, or birth defects.  This list and other information regarding Prop 65 can be accessed at

Prop 65 requires that a company give a “clear and reasonable warning” to the individuals before “knowingly and intentionally” exposing them to Proposition 65 listed chemicals unless the company can demonstrate that the exposure is so small that it causes “no significant risk” of cancer or “no observable effect” with regard to reproductive toxins.  For many listed Prop 65 chemicals, a CA agency has determined “Safe Harbor” levels of exposure, below which no warning is required.

Graphik is committed to providing safe, high quality products for our customers.  We have worked with our vendors and our supply chain partners to ensure the purchase of raw materials that will meet Prop 65 standards.

Because Graphik cannot test every piece of every order that we ship to California for every one of the Proposition 65 listed 750 chemicals, you may continue to have concerns about the compliance with Prop 65.  If so, then the safest option is to include a label on each product that may ship to the State of California which we will do free of charge upon request.  The label will read as follows and will ensure full compliance with California Proposition 65 requirements:

“WARNING:  This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.”