Graphik Global Solutions

A Custom Solutions Partner

Graphik, with factories in the U.S. and China, is adept at designing, creating, and delivering the perfect product for your needs. Contact our sales department today with your customGlobal Sourcing of Promotional Products project details and see how easy it is to work with a supplier that offers knowledgeable and creative global solutions, including custom products made in the USA!

Let Graphik Take Care of Your Large Quantity and Custom Sourcing Needs

• As manufacturers we understand how to build
the right product that meets your budget

• We inspect and ensure quality in every order

• We have extensive experience with many factories
in Asia and only work with the factories that are reliable
and produce the best quality products

• Guaranteed quality and reliable delivery allow you
to relax and enjoy your increased profitability.

Here is All You Have To Do

• Request a quote for a job of at least $5,000

• Thoroughly describe your product and let us help you develop creative solutions

• Provide a sample or detailed drawing of the product along with required materials

• Sit back and let us quote manufactured and delivered price to your customer, it’s that easy!